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Grasslands With Out Time

Sep 23, 2022

Everything respondent and loving resides where this tale inside the Jazz Club enters a time both hoppin' and dated.  Never holding another time and measuring where each pulse gives nothing but the perfect connection.  Wanting ever and never before such sweet sorrow awakes.  


Artwork: Rachael Amber Illustrations


Sep 10, 2022

There are unwritten pages in the Room Underground and all of them need minding, except for these few fallen beauties waiting to be sullen and soft upon the river.  Forever an ending slowly rending such time as sotten inquiry to little butterflies in below.  

Always demanding more and for forever FAME!


Music: Human...

Aug 27, 2022

Close and careful each footstep of the Wool Cyclops brings amiss alight and fovent for each and every ample growing flower along the backroads.  Each solar panel transferring co-ordinated flower petal arrangements in pulse to the plane where the grasses breathe still to know such answers as good.

Website: Grasslands...

Aug 13, 2022

Wait, fore there are no but waiting measures by the River where only the guests reside at the Apartment Complex's.  Never founding and always residing where they were to be but never the wrong pulse from the Ancients' Plotting Unit's in the Forest.  Every firefly singing light-en-ing bug into the most beautiful vision...

Jul 29, 2022

Soft landings of birds by the River, sound as ever more to find such meaningful requests as what was not seen near the plotting units as the Grasslands unveils.  


Music: Rachael Amber Illustrations

Artwork: Human Nature